Company Profile

EUROIMMUN UK is a subsidiary of EUROIMMUN AG and has been supplying immunodiagnostics products to the UK market since the year 2000. Originally based in South Wales, all operations were moved in 2013 to Wimbledon, London, where the International Training Centre (ITC) is located. The services supplied include diagnostic test kits and automated systems as well as training, after-sales support and instruments maintenance. The main disease areas covered by EUROIMMUN products are Autoimmunity, Infectious Serology and Allergy, although tests systems are also offered for Antigen Detection, Molecular Genetic Diagnostics and Veterinary Diagnostics.

EUROIMMUN AG was founded in 1987 from the University of Lübeck (Germany) and still has its headquarters in Lübeck, near Hamburg. The 16 EUROIMMUN subsidiaries and many distributors can be found all over the world as EUROIMMUN products are delivered to more than 3,000 laboratories over 140 countries worldwide. At present, the company has more than 3500 employees, of which 101 apprentices and students, 1897 with an academic qualification and 245 with a doctoral degree.

In line with EUROIMMUN's strong scientific expertise, there is a high proportion of university and college graduates in natural sciences, medicine and technology and computer science. The percentage of female employees is around 60 percent.

EUROIMMUN has an extensive product range and offers scientifically unique and advanced techniques thanks to continual and extensive investment in research and development. EUROIMMUN is arguably best known for the BIOCHIP technology, first pioneered in 1983, which allows the simultaneous incubation of different substrates in one reaction field and therefore the generation of comprehensive antibody profiling (multiplex) using indirect immunofluorescence techniques. Nevertheless, EUROIMMUN's testing repertoire extends to ELISAs (including designer antigens), Immunoblots (EUROLINE) and Microarrays (EUROArray). Automation is another key focus area as demonstrated by the recent release of the EUROPattern Microscope Live for the ultrafast and fully automated identification of immunofluorescence patterns to complement the already extensive range of IIFT, Immunoblot and ELISA instrumentation, as well as software (EUROLabOffice, EUROLineScan).

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