Automated Workstation Pre-NAT II

The Automated Workstation Pre-NAT II (Manufacturer: Revvity, Inc.) allows fully automated high-throughput sample preparation for molecular genetic diagnostics, consisting of nucleic acid extraction and subsequent pipetting of the PCRs. In this way, up to 96 primary samples from various source materials are prepared cost-efficiently, safely and without any manual intermediate steps for subsequent PCR-based tests, e.g. EUROArray and EURORealTime.

After automated barcode identification of the sample tubes, the cell material is lysed and the nucleic acids are extracted by means of magnetic particles. These are subsequently transferred one after another into the automatically dispensed reagents by magnetisable metal rods. Afterwards, the liquid-handling module of the Pre-NAT II automatically pipettes the prompted PCRs using the extracted nucleic acids, the positive and negative controls as well as the PCR reagents, which are stored refrigerated in the instrument.

  • Fully automated instrument for nucleic acid extraction for up to 96 primary samples and preparation of up to 288 PCRs per run
  • Various further applications of the PCRs possible, e. g. for EUROArrays and EURORealTime tests
  • Established nucleic acid extraction system based on magnetic particles
  • Precise pipetting, using disposable filter tips as well as efficient and resourcesaving dispensing of extraction reagents
  • Loading of different types of primary sample tubes
  • User-friendly instrument software with clear graphic visualisation of all processes and run times

  • Features

    Established extraction method

    • Nucleic acid extraction using magnetic particles
    • Automatic and resource-saving dispensing of extraction buffers
    • Universal nucleic acid extraction kit for different initial materials

    Secure pipetting of the PCRs

    • Precise pipetting with 4 pipettors and disposable filter tips
    • Automated preparation of the PCR master mixes
    • Cooled positions for up to 28 PCR reagents and for up to 288 (3 × 96) PCRs

    Complete traceability

    • Gap-free allocation of the test results to the samples and reagents used
    • Automatic barcode recognition of patient samples
    • Barcode registration of the extraction kit and PCR reagents
    • Transmission of run information to the subsequent systems in the workflow

    Simple handling

    • Convenient user software
    • Software-assisted loading of the system
    • Minimal “hands-on” time

  • Specifications

    Sample materialdifferent, e.g. blood, smears, urines, hair and skin samples
    Patient sample capacityup to 96
    Barcode recognitionautomatic for sample tubes with all common barcode types  
    Sample tubesouter diameter 12 – 16 mm, height up to 75 mm
    Number of parameters per runfor up to 3 x 96 PCRs per run, up to three different pipetting schemes per run
    Reagent positionsfor up to 28 PCR reagents
    Reagent coolingSet to  2 – 8 °C
    Pipetting system4 pipettors for disposable pipette tips with filling level detection
    Accuracymeasurement deviation ± 5 % (≥ 4 µl – ≤ 20 µl); ± 2 % (> 20 µl – ≤ 800 µl)
    PrecisionCV ≤ 5 % (≥ 4 µl – ≤ 20 µl); CV < 2 % (> 20 µl – ≤ 800 µl)
    Pipetting volume4 – 800 µl, in steps of 1 µl
    Automatic sterilisationUV light
    Operating systemMicrosoft ® Windows ® 10 Pro (64 Bit)
    Measurements (W x D x H)1.510 mm × 845 mm × 1.690 mm
    Weightapprox. 350 kg

  • Workflow

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