EUROPattern Microscope

Computer-aided immunofluorescence microscopy (CAIFM)

The EUROPattern Microscope facilitates fully automated immunofluorescence microscopy for top-standard IIFT diagnostics – from slide loading and high-resolution image acquisition to computer-aided result interpretation. Thanks to its capacity of 500 substrate fields per run and the high system speed of 13 seconds per image, the microscope is perfectly suited even for the highest throughputs.

The acquired image data is automatically transmitted to the pattern recognition software EUROPattern Classifier, which is based on deep convolutional neural networks, a deep-learning method. The program not only provides classification in terms of “positive” and “negative” for many substrates, but also reliably identifies different patterns for ANA, ANCA, AMA and anti-LKM (LKM-like), including mixed patterns. In combination with the laboratory management software EUROLabOffice 4.0 it allows fast and secure result archiving and bidirectional connection to the laboratory information system (LIS).


  • Automated microscopy and a modern reporting system at the screen for a multitude of EUROIMMUN IIFT products – the darkroom is now obsolete
  • Pattern recognition and titer determination for ANA and ANCA (including mixed patterns), Crithidia, recombinant cells, liver(rat) and kidney (rat)
  • Long walk-away time due to high loading capacity and automated processing of up to 500 positions in one run
  • High-throughput immunofluorescence microscopy – over 250 fluorescence images can be recorded and automatically evaluated in just one hour
  • Reliability and traceability due to automatic identification of slides via matrix codes
  • Standardised signal intensity thanks to a long-lasting LED and automated checks of the entire optical system by means of an integrated fluorescence normal

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