EUROIMMUN immunoblots

different technologies for comprehensive antibody testing

Advantages of EUROIMMUN immunoblots

  • Extensive  portfolio of products for autoimmune, infection and allergy diagnostics
  • Best test quality due to in-house antigen development and production
  • Multiplex tests with only one strip per patient serum
  • No additional reagents required, all necessary reagents included in the test kit
  • Ready-for-use reagents, exchangeable between products, with colour codes for safe assignment
  • Universal instead of individual incubation schemes for uncomplicated combined processing of different parameters
  • Optimised for automated processing with blot processors such EUROBlotOne and EUROBlotMaster
  • Automated evaluation, result reporting and archiving of blot strips with the EUROLineScan software

  • Test principle

    In the immunoblot, antigens coated on membranes are used as a solid phase in order to detect specific antibodies in patient samples. The test performance is either manual, semi- or fully automated. If a sample contains specific antibodies, these bind to the membrane-bound antigens. In the next step, an alkaline phosphatase (AP) labelled antibody (conjugate) is added, which binds to the specific antibodies. The alkaline phosphatase catalyses a colour reaction with the subsequently added nitro blue tetrazolium chloride/5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl phosphate (NBT/BCIP). If specific antibodies are present in the patient sample, a dark line appears at the respective antigen position. The intensity of the resulting staining is proportional to the antibody concentration in the sample.


    EUROLINE assays are multiparameter line blots which enable generation of comprehensive combined antibody profiles on one test strip. Membrane strips with multiple purified, biochemically characterised antigens or antigen extracts as thin parallel lines are used as the antigen-containing solid phase. The membranes are fixed as chips at exactly defined positions on plastic foils. The membrane strips do not contain superfluous proteins which may lead to unspecific positive results. On every EUROLINE test strip, there is a control band which indicates whether the individual incubation steps have been performed correctly. The evaluation is performed fully automatically with the EUROLineScan software.

    Westernblot and EUROLINE-WB

    The Westernblot is the method of choice when positive results from a screening test (indirect immunofluorescence or ELISA) are to be confirmed or further differentiated. Blot strips are used as antigen-containing solid phase. They are coated with antigen extracts electrophoretically separated according to molecular mass.

    EUROLINE-WB assays are a combination of Westernblot and EUROLINE tests: The Westernblot strips are additionally coated with highly purified native or recombinant antigens in the form of membrane chips. The correct performance of the individual incubation steps is indicated by the staining of the control band at the lower end of each strip. The evaluation is performed fully automatically with the EUROLineScan software.


    EUROMicroblots are miniaturised multiparameter line blots in microplate format. The microplate wells contain test strips printed with purified antigens and controls at defined positions. The break-off wells can be separated individually so that the number of analyses can be flexibly adapted to the actual need. By providing the immunoblot in a microplate format, screening and confirmatory tests can be processed on one automated ELISA system and free capacities on the instrument can be used optimally. The evaluation is carried out fully automatically using the Microwell Imager and the EUROLineScan software.‚Äč

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Dried Blood Spots (DBS)

Dried Blood Spots (DBS)

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