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Advantages of the EUROArray system

  • Multiplex analyses for molecular genetic diagnostics and molecular infection diagnostics
  • BIOCHIP and TITERPLANE technologies for excellent standardisation and reliable hybridisation of the EUROArrays
  • Ready-for-use PCR components and simple work protocols for fast, efficient and error-free work flows
  • Numerous integrated control reagents for high reliability of results, e.g. control of sample quality, sufficient stringency in the hybridisation reaction and absence of cross-contamination
  • Fully automated, standardised evaluation, generation of results and archiving using the EUROArrayScan software (LIMS connection enabled)
  • No DNA isolation required with EUROArray Direct – the analysis is performed directly on untreated blood
  • Complete process validated according to IVD Directive and CE-marked, from sample preparation to issuing of results


  • Test principle

    The EUROIMMUN EUROArray system combines the advantages of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and microarray technologies for the detection of genetic markers and direct detection of pathogens. The EUROArrays are based on BIOCHIP technology with specific DNA probes. Each BIOCHIP consists of 72 DNA spots and allows duplicate determinations of up to 36 different DNA sequences, including controls. Each EUROArray slide contains five test fields, enabling up to five samples to be analysed in parallel. Several BIOCHIPs may be coated on one field in order to increase the number of detectable DNA sequences.


    For some parameters, EUROIMMUN offers a direct procedure in which the DNA does not need to be isolated from the sample beforehand. The blood is incubated with the extraction solutions included in the kit and can then be used directly in the PCR. With all other parameters, the DNA is obtained conventionally, using a DNA isolation kit. All PCR reagents supplied in EUROArray kits are ready to use, including the DNA polymerase and the validated specific primers. The pre-prepared PCR reagents are just combined, and the DNA is then added to this master mix. Using PCR, the specific genetic sequences of the patient DNA are amplified and the PCR products labelled with a fluorescence dye during their formation. In the hybridisation (incubation) of the PCR products with the EUROArray, these bind to the complementary probes of the EUROArray. The DNA microarray hybridisation is performed under exact, standardised conditions using the proven TITERPLANE technology. After the reading of the EUROArray in the EUROArrayScanner, the fluorescence signals are evaluated fully automatically using the EUROArrayScan software.

    Direct procedure

    For the majority of human genetic parameters, EUROIMMUN offers the Direct procedure, in which DNA needs not be isolated from the sample beforehand. The blood is incubated with the extraction solutions supplied in the kit and can then be used directly for the PCR.

    With all other parameters, the DNA is retrieved using a conventional DNA isolation kit.

  • Automation



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Dried Blood Spots (DBS)

Dried Blood Spots (DBS)

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