IF Sprinter

Fast and reliable IIFT automation for low and medium throughput

With the IF Sprinter, EUROIMMUN offers  a solution for fully automated processing of immunofluorescence tests for small and medium sample volumes. The device performs identification, dilution and transfer of samples, as well as all washing and incubation steps.

  • Flexible systems for fully automated processing of immunofluorescence tests
  • Reliability and traceability due to standard integrated barcode reader for sample identification and the fully automated identification of slides via matrix codes (optional)
  • Efficient pipetting without carryover using a washable pipetting needle
  • Simplification of work processes in routine laboratories due to user-friendly data communication with an LIS or EUROLabOffice
  • Capacity for up to 96 and 15 slides in one run

  • Specifications

    Sample types

    serum, plasma and CSF

    Patient sample capacity

    up to 96 samples

    Slide capacity

    up to 15 slides (combination of slides with 10 and 50 reaction fields possible)

    Sample tubes

    Outer diameter 10 – 16 mm, height up to 100 mm

    Pipetting volume

    5 μl – 1000 μl, 1 μl increments


    automated registration of samples, optional automated registration of slides

    Dimensions (WxDxH)

    650 mm x 700 mm x 750 mm


    50 kg

  • Files

  • Video

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