Fully automated processing of EUROArray slides

In the pre-PCR area, the software automatically generates a worklist based on the registered primary samples and the requested analyses and supports the user in the manual preparation of PCRs by providing information on the pipetting layout and the required reagent and sample volumes. Alternatively, for a higher degree of automation, the Automated Workstation Pre-NAT II can be included in the workflow for automated preparation of the PCRs. In this case, run information and PCR layout are transferred from the Automated Workstation Pre-NAT II to the EUROArrayProcessor.

In the post-PCR area, the EUROArrayProcessor provides dilution of the PCRs with hybridisation buffer, the transfer of the hybridisation preparations to reagent trays and the incubation, washing and drying of the EUROArray slides. These can then be read out with the EUROArrayScanner. The integrity of the data is ensured by digital transmission between LIS, the Automated Workstation Pre-NAT II, EUROArrayProcessor and EUROArrayScan software throughout the entire process.

  • Automated post-PCR processing of up to 192 PCR preparations and 40 EUROArray slides per run using proven TITERPLANE technology
  • Standardised and reproducible washing of EUROArray slides based on MERGITE! washing technology and automated drying for best quality of results
  • Safety and traceability through barcode identification of EUROArray slides, reagent tray boxes and reagents
  • Interfaces to the Automated Workstation Pre-NAT II and EUROArrayScan software for secure data transfer throughout the process

  • Features

    Optimisation of workflows

    • Unique system for automated processing of EUROArray slides: pipetting, hybridisation, washing and drying on one instrument
    •  No manual intermediate steps – convenient and safe from the PCR sample to the EUROArray slide ready for evaluation
    •  Use of concentrates for the preparation of the wash buffer and system liquid as well as the working-strength hybridisation buffer for simple preparation of runs
    •  Minimal hands-on time of 15 minutes for runs with up to 40 EUROArray slides and 192 PCR samples

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    Economic and precise pipetting

    • Coated stainless-steel needle and precision pump for high pipetting accuracy
    • Efficient washing of the pipetting needle prevents carry-over during pipetting
    • Safe pipetting procedure due to capacitive liquid level detection
    • Reduced danger of cross-contamination since the pipetting needle pierces the film covering the PCR plate, which makes manual removal of the film superfluous
    • No evaporation effect during hybridisation due to proven TITERPLANE technology and thermal isolation

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    Perfect result

    • Integrated washing unit for fully automated cleaning of EUROArray slides
    • Standardised and reproducible washing based on the MERGITE! washing technology
    • Pinpoint washing of fields without carry-over
    • Defined washing conditions due to temperature control and active cooling of the wash buffer
    • Automated drying of EUROArray slides for best quality of results

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    Convenient operation

    • PC with intuitive graphic touchscreen user interface
    • Simple starting of individual worklists
    • Protocol generation with or without LIS connection
    • Lot registration for PCR reagents
    • Optional volume calculation for PCRs and display of the PCR pipetting layout

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    Flexible combination of EUROArrays

    • Automated processing of up to six different EUROArray tests per run
    • Protocol optimisation for efficient combination of different EUROArray tests
    • Economic work procedure due to choice between EUROArray slides with three or five reaction fields
    • Unique identification of EUROArray slides due to integrated DataMatrix code reader
    • Incubation at the hybridisation temperature specific for the corresponding EUROArray test

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    Process safety from A to Z

    • Software access based on different user accounts and rights
    • Convenient system overview with detailed status information on run times and resources for smooth integration into the laboratory routine
    • Automated sensor-based loading check for PCR samples, consumables and disposal items be fore the start of every run for error-free processing
    • Safe digital data exchange with Pre-NAT II and EURO-ArrayScan software

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  • Specifications


    Sample capacityup to 192 PCR samples and up to 40 EUROArray slides per run
    Combination of EUROArray testsup to 6 different EUROArray tests per run
    Sample vesselsbreak-off PCR plates (FrameStar® Break-A-Way PCR Plate)
    Traceabilityautomated registration of EUROArray slides using an integrated DataMatrix code scanner, registration of reagents by means of a hand barcode scanner

    Pipetting unit

    Pipetting unitliquid pipette with coated stainless-steel needle and capacitive liquid level detection
    Pipetting volume and precision20 – 100μl in 1 μl steps; CV ≤ 10 % at 20 – 64 μl; CV ≤ 5 % at 65 – 100 μl


    Capacity10 EUROArray slides
    Temperature range35 °C – 55 °C, standardised for all 10 positions
    Incubation procedureTITERPLANE technology using disposable reagent trays


    Washing procedureMERGITE! washing technology, including automated drying
    Temperatureintegrated cooling unit for optimal tempering of the wash buffer

    Pre-PCR workflow

    Manualregistration of primary samples, manual or automated allocation of analysis requests, sample sorting, lot registration for PCR reagents, volume calculation for PCRs, display of the PCR pipetting layout
    Automated Workstation Pre-NAT IIautomated sample registration, nucleic-acid extraction and PCR preparation

    Further characteristics

    Operating systemMicrosoft Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC (64 bits), PC with touchscreen
    Communication with LISvia ASTM, bidirectional
    Software languagesEnglish, German
    Electrical data100–240 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 180 VA
    Dimensions / Weight840 mm × 711 mm × 740 mm (W × D × H, without accessories)/ approx. 84 kg

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