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EUROLINE ANA Profile 23 (IgG)

The EUROIMMUN EUROLINE ANA Profile 23 (IgG) test kit provides a qualitative in vitro assay for human autoantibodies of the IgG class to 23 different antigens for the diagnosis of Sharp syndrome (MCTD), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), Sjögren’s syndrome, progressive systemic sclerosis, poly-/dermatomyositis, overlap syndrome, limited form of progressive systemic sclerosis (CREST syndrome) and primary biliary liver cirrhosis.

In the first international consensus (www.anapatterns.org, 2014) for the standardised nomenclature of HEp-2 cell patterns in indirect immunofluorescence, 14 different cell nucleus patterns were defined (Anti-Cell pattern, AC1 – 14). The EUROLINE ANA Profile 23 (IgG) provides a multiplex approach for the confirmation and differentiation of 23 autoantibodies which cause the nuclear patterns described in the consensus, in only one incubation, with optional fully automated processing and objective evaluation of test results using the EUROLineScan software.