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EUROLINE: Specific IgE

  • Determination of specific IgE in serum.
  • Indication: Clarification of allergic reactions to inhalation allergens, food allergens and cross-reactive allergens (pollen-associated food allergies).
  • Serum dilution: undiluted (or 1 : 11); conjugate class anti-IgE (monoclonal), AP-labeled.
  • Calibration: 1 indicator band and 1 CCD band on each strip for semi-quantitative evaluation.
  • Antibodies against up to 20 allergens per strip can be simultaneously mono-specifically detected.
  • EUROLINE profiles with different allergen compositions are available for various test requirements: atopy, inhalation, food and cross reactions.
  • Test strips can be automatically incubated and evaluated using the systems EUROBlotMaster und EUROLineScan.
  • EUROLINE profiles with different allergen compositions are available for various test requirements.

EUROIMMUN Microplate ELISA: Total IgE

  • Determination of the total IgE concentration in serum.
  • Indications: Differentiation between allergic and intrinsic asthma, between allergic and vasomotor rhinitis, and between atopic and seborrhoic dermatitis.
  • Serum dilution 1 : 10; conjugate class anti-IgE (monoclonal), POD-labeled.
  • One microplate well incubated per patient.
  • 4-point calibration, quantitative.
  • Coating: anti-human IgE, polyclonal.
  • The Total IgE ELISA serves as a screening test for allergy diagnostics and provides an indication for the presence of an allergic reaction.

Allercoat 6 Microplate ELISA: Specific IgE

  • Determination of allergen-specific IgE concentrations in serum.
  • Indication: identification of allergic reactions to more than 600 different allergens and allergen mixtures.
  • Serum dilution: undiluted, conjugate class anti-human IgE, AP-labelled.
  • One microplate well per allergen/allergen mixture is incubated for each patient.
  • Calibration: 6-point calibration, quantitative; using reference preparation 2 IRP 75/ 502 from the WHO.
  • The allergens are coupled to paper rings and can be flexibly configured for each sample according to the analysis.
  • Customized pre-assembled micro plates with individual allergy parameters are available on request (Order no.: EP 9901-0101). Orders can be made online with the provided software. Please contact us!
  • A light table and special evaluation software are available to supplement the simple manual Allercoat 6 ELISA procedure.
  • Allercoat 6 ELISA are automatable by the use of the EUROIMMUN Analyzer 1 and the EUROIMMUN Allercoat Software.